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Melanie Miller-Pusateri
Senior Vice President

Melanie has held roles in all facets of incentive program design, implementation and on-going management of loyalty, dealer and sales programs. During her tenure she has managed, and continues to manage, several high-profile accounts. Melanie is also a member of the Incentive Marketing Association.
Melissa Adame
Accounting Director

Melissa has been with Frosch Rewards & Incentives for almost nine years, helping our customers, vendors and clients stay happy. She is straightforward, reliable, personable and always there to help with anything financial that you need.

Anna Peters
Operations Manager 

Whether you have a product question, need a last-minute order or are looking for design advice - Anna is your gal. With a degree in Communications-Public Relations from the University of Texas at Arlington, Anna is the newest addition to the core Frosch Rewards & Incentives team and had been helping our clients since 2012.

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