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Engage Your Disengaged

The Power of Recognition.

While we live in unprecedented times, one thing unaffected is the people who matter in your business do not change.

The power of incentives and recognition has not been altered over the past few months. As business and travel adjust, we found that remembering the ones who continue to impact companies positively drives both results and engagement.

Award Relevant Value

Most importantly for any reward is giving something of significance to your recipient. You want to ensure the gift you award is motivating instead of not discouraging. Unfortunately, we often see rewards given with great intent do not have the anticipated result to truly show appreciation as they do not resonate with the receiver. Our FROSCH Rewards & Incentives programs are custom-made for your audience, and our vast catalog of over 250,000 options start at as little as $5. Throughout our years of operation and especially now, we always strive to accommodate any budget to ensure your recognition program can progress.

Think About Heath

Wellness incentives have been indispensable in this time of shelter-in-place. Many of our clients have turned to meal-plan and walking challenges to keep their employees healthy and fit throughout the pandemic. Getting people off their desk chairs - or couches - and walking around the block every day is proven to help tremendously as evidenced by a multitude of studies. According to Harvard Health Publishing, researchers found that walking reduces the risk of cardiovascular events by 31 percent and that of death by 32 percent. While longer or more vigorous exercise has higher benefit, even just 5½ miles per week offers great protection. With many corporate and free meeting applications, wellness teams can be formed for participants to encourage each other and pool steps or ideas.

Recognize Lasting Dedication

While many businesses have been negatively affected in this time, thousands of companies are still operating, and employees are working hard to maintain productivity in the new normal. Recognizing this effort and sustained dedication has been valuable motivation to continue moving forward and grow. A recent study by the Incentive Research Foundation shows that top-performing companies have several things in common, including a strong belief in non-cash rewards and incentive travel. The study also highlighted implementing successful reward strategies, such as focusing on the flexibility of the reward experience. With various distribution options, our FROSCH Rewards & Incentives Cards can mailed via USPS, sent to managers for distribution or even emailed instantly to your recipients.

Go Virtual Without Sacrificing Experience

Travel plans may have been altered for your audiences, but you can still remind them of a planned trip or conference with the same caliber of pillow gifts or giveaways. Anything from a luxury item to useful gadgets can be sent to deliver your appreciation. We customize products from high-end, engraved watches, specialty bags to simple passport sleeves or labelled sanitizer bottles.

With the varied audiences we have today, it is important to retain the sense of community and common goals, ensuring our successful move into the future.

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